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Subjectivities - Institutions in Crisis

The visual artist Lasse Lau’s exhibition Subjectivities – Institutions in Crisis can be seen as an exploration of three institutions of the Enlightenment: the museum, the botanic garden and the university –  exemplified here by the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Botanical Garden in Lisbon and the University in Nsukka, Nigeria. Each of these are portrayed in a film. But this is not traditional documentation. We see many close-ups and panoramic shots, while in the voice-over we hear reflections on the state of the institutions. Common to the institutions is the fact that they have had their glory days and are now  becoming decayed and over grown.  

Lasse Lau uses this as an image of a more  general decline in which the knowledge systems, that these institutions are founded upon, are no longer appreciated – and thus no longer supported. At the same time the three films can be seen

as an exploration of the values of the Enlightenment – and thus of the ideologies on which our present knowledge para-digms are built. In the exhibition, besides the three films, objects and photographs are also shown. 


Lasse Lau

Subjectivities – Institutions in Crisis / Subjektiviteter – Institutioner i krise 

12. januar – 10. marts / 

January 12th – March 12th 2019

Fotografisk Center

Staldgade 16

DK - 1699 København V


List of works


Sounds from the Hallways, 2012 

25 min. HDV

STEM - Sounds from the Tropical , 2017 

33 min. HDV

Sound from the Towers, 2019 

33 min. HDV

Pine Nuts, 2008 

20 min. 16mm


Only the best is good enough for me 1-8, digital print, luster 39,5 x 26,5 cm 

32,5 x 27 cm

28 x 38 cm 

38 x 28 cm x 2

29 x 39 cm

35,5 x 26 cm

26 x 34,5, cm

27 x 27 cm 

Crisis 1-5, digital print

60 x 40 cm

40 x 40 cm

40 x 30 cm

30 x 30 cm

24 x 30 cm

Subjectivities 1-4, digital print 

9,5 x 10,5 cm,  


Relational with whom 1-2, digital print

22,5 x 17 cm


La clef de Berlin et autres leçons d'un amateur de sciences 1-7 Berliner Locks, framed


Astride Memory and Desire, 2 books on display cabinet

Thank you

Fotografisk Center

Kristine Kern & Staff

DGI-byen’s installation team

Stills Troels Jeppe Jensen



Goran Petrovic-Lotina, Kristine Kern 

& Nanna Freja Simonsen


James Manley


Lasse Lau, Kristine Kern,  

Nanna Freja Simonsen & Kevin Broadbery

Graphic design

Kevin Broadbery 

Sounds from the Hallways (2012),  Sounds from the Tropical - STEM (2017), and Sound from the Towers (2019) are made in collaboration with Max Schneider, and the film production has received financial support from the Danish Arts Council.

Fotografisk Center is  supported by The City of Copenhagen and the Danish Arts Foundation

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